Cotton Casuals India Private Limited is a leading manufacturer of 100% cotton kids’ wear in India since 1990. With our head office in Kolkata, India, we operate nationally and are gradually expanding our presence to global shores.

As a brainchild of Mr. Pradeep Arora, our Managing Director and his business partner, Mr. P.L. Arora, a qualified engineer from IIT, Cotton Casuals is a combination of exceptional technical know-how of Mr. P.L. Arora and the sharp business acumen of Mr. Pradeep Arora.

We have a dedicated team of curated specialists who make sure that the entire production process — which is done in-house from start to finish— meets international quality standards and benchmarks. We have the best-in-class machines purchased from all over the world and we make an unbeatable range of fabrics using an extensive variety of yarns to suit the needs of the children.

We cater to the needs of all age groups of kids and our products are marketed under the following brand names:

ZERO (0-18 months): This includes a wide assortment of 100% cotton products including vests, t-shirts, bundies, tops, briefs, bloomers, shorts, leggings, baba suits, frocks, night suits, and more.

TEDDY (18 months-5 years): Under this brand, we sell 100% cotton products such as rompers, frocks, t-shirts, tops, capri sets and more.

SIMPLY (for 0-2 years): This brand is especially designed for baby girls and includes 100% cotton products such as panties, bloomers, baby girls suits, tops, slips, and more.

SMARTY BOYS & SMARTY GIRLS (for 4-14 years old): This is our brand that includes t-shirts, shirts shorts, bermudas, track pants, night suits , jackets and loungewear for boys, and tops, leggings shorts, night suits, frocks, capris, for girls. 

All our brands are sold across India through a network of wholesalers, while we have a dedicated showroom called Cott-Counter in Mani Square Mall (Kolkata). Our second showroom is opened in Acropolis Mall. Besides, our products are also placed in some of the most large format stores such as “Pantaloons”, “Big Bazaar”, “Bharti-Walmart”, “Hypercity” and leading retail stores such as “The Little Shop”.

Our mission is to sustainably position ourselves as a global brand that provides 100% cotton wear for children in a way that blends superior quality raw materials and innovative techniques with the latest design trends. As a company, we feel most accomplished in providing our customers with the ultimate pleasure of selecting the finest and the most skin-friendly clothing for the young members of their family.





At the heart of Cotton Casuals lies our core brand values of 100% quality, unmatched product range, and reliability — all within an unbelievably reasonable price range.

At Cotton Casuals, quality is our top priority. As the number one manufacturer of the finest cotton garments, our quality is ensured right from the first step — the sourcing of raw materials. Our dedicated team of directors with their expert knowledge carefully assess and handpick every yarn before it makes its way into our manufacturing units.

The selected raw materials are turned into finished products within the walls of our production units to ensure we have total control over quality. We have world-class knitting machines like Mayer& Cie, Terrot, and Unitex. The dying and bleaching processes are also done in-house using the latest and state-of-the-art techniques to retain the quality of the yarn. 

We employ different knitting methods for different yarns to produce a wide variety of fabrics. Till date, we have over 35 types of fabrics, including sinker, interlock, rib, lopopknit, slub and fleece, to suit the needs of the children. Every piece of clothing goes through rigorous quality testing before they are out in the market. Thanks to such tight quality measures, our 100% cotton clothing wins customer loyalty and captures market shares in the kids’ wear segment across the country.

While our products and brands are supplied all over India, we are planning to establish our national presence directly. We also have plans to take our brands to the digital landscape and are making our way to the online customers through trusted retailers. Our future expansion plans include pushing the boundaries and taking our products to the global market.

Welcome to Cotton Casuals Group of Companies. Today, we are a trusted name in kids’ wear not only in India but also in some of the countries outside the subcontinent. While we have achieved a market reputation that’s second to none, it makes me proud to say that we have come a long way since we began this journey. In fact, today we are the only company making such a wide variety of fabrics from so many different types of yarns in so many different colours and patterns. 

We started as a two-member team and have grown to be a 2000+ strong organisation. The journey has been exciting and rewarding, with each passing year adding lustre to Cotton Casual’s envious portfolio. Today, we purchase the best knitting machines from leading makers and we get our dyeing and bleaching done in-house too. This ensures we have complete control over quality.

That said, I am confident that we, as an organisation, are today well on our way to align ourselves to the opportunities that the future has in store for us. We top the list of kids’ wear manufacturers in India, and in years to come, I see our company dominating the global market as well.

Thank you,

Pradeep Arora

Managing Director, Cotton Casuals Pvt. Ltd.



One of the main pillars of Cotton Casuals, Mr. P.L. Arora is a man, whose outstanding technical expertise has played a critical role in the positioning of the company to where it is today. A qualified engineer from IIT, Mr. Arora continues to offer top-notch insights and guidance to propel the company forward



With his extensive experience of working in this industry for over 24 years, Sanjay brings to the company his keen business sense, analytical bent of mind, and his urge for perfection. As the partner for the brand “Teddy”, he has contributed immensely to the brand’s success.



Gaurav oversees the brand “Simply” and does so with absolute determination. He has been the mind behind most of the brand’s product innovations and marketing successes, building “Simply” as the brand of choice for hundreds and thousands of customers across India.



Heading the “Smarty Boys” team, Rahul puts a fresh spin on conventional practices — a factor that has helped the brand take on a trendy image and feel, apt for the young generation of today. His forward thinking abilities have taken the brand to another level in the market segment for young boys.



Under his guidance, "Smarty Girls” has grown from just another brand in the market to a top ranking product that continues to enjoy a loyal customer support. His passion for the industry shines through his consistent efforts to establish “Smarty Girls” as a market leade